Fourth Arrow Releases the Ultimate Run-n-Gun Camera Gear

By Tracy BreenApril 30, 2020

The crew at Fourth Arrow just unleashed some brand new camera arm gear designed to be lighter and more compact than anything they’ve created so far. The design was built to round out what many are calling the ultimate run-n-gun camera arm option on the market. 

The company is proud to introduce the new Shoulder 3.0. This new shoulder is lighter, more compact, and built for the hunter on the go.

Fourth Arrow Releases The Ultimate Run N Gun Camera Gear
Raising the bar with gear that's lighter and more compact than ever.

The new shoulder doesn’t require a shoulder tool like previous versions, so it can easily be adjusted with fingers, which means adjusting the shoulder in the dark is quick and quiet. The 3.0 Shoulder utilizes the company’s  patented ball joint system that is super easy to adjust and compatible with almost any tree. On top of being lighter, quieter, and easier to adjust, the 3.0 is black so it will blend in perfectly. 

The company is also offering customers a conversion kit that will allow hunters to convert their 2.0 bases to be used with the new shoulder.

Fourth Arrow Releases The Ultimate Run N Gun Camera Gear
Building a Better Base

Run-n-gun deer hunting is the rage these days. That’s why hunters will love Fourth Arrow’s new Talon Accessory which mounts to the back of the shoulder and acts as a base.  The Talon creates a shoulder/base combo that is lightweight, packable and easy to setup. As the name implies, the system has talons that grip the tree, creating a solid platform to mount to. When transporting the system, the talons fold up, making this system the lightest.  It is the easiest to transport base/shoulder they’ve ever created! 

But they didn’t stop there. They’re now offering a new standard base that grips the tree better than ever and comes with a stretch free strap.

Fourth Arrow Releases The Ultimate Run N Gun Camera Gear
Want to go light this fall? Check out the latest from Fourth Arrow.

“We continue to push the engineering envelope,” Mark Wynalda said. “Many of our new products, including the Talon accessory, are designed for hunters who demand an extremely lightweight camera arm system that is strong and functional. Hunters on the go will be extremely pleased with our new product line.”

Take a closer look at these latest products from Fourth Arrow in the video below…

Below are the items that will be available for pre-order... 

  • Talon Micro Triple Arm Kit (Great camera arm kit for Saddle Hunters. Super compact and lightweight)
  • Talon Stiff Arm Kit
  • Talon Carbon Arm Kit
  • Talon Triple Arm Kit
  • 3.0 Bases for the new 3.0 Shoulder (Tool-Less Shoulder)
  • Conversion Kits to convert 2.0 bases to work with the 3.0 (Tool-less) shoulder.
Fourth Arrow Releases The Ultimate Run N Gun Camera Gear
Fourth Arrow has answered the demand for a tool-less base system.

Five years ago, Fourth Arrow stormed onto the market with camera arm systems that revolutionized the way people filmed their hunts. Today they continue to develop products that make filming hunts and sharing the memories with friends, family and fans easier than ever. 

To learn more about Fourth Arrow Camera Arms, visit

Tracy Breen
Tracy Breen is a full-time outdoor writer and marketing consultant in the outdoor industry. Over the past twenty years, he has been able to hunt and fish all over North America. Tracy was born with cerebral palsy and often writes and speaks about overcoming physical obstacles, chasing dreams and living life to the fullest. Tracy writes for a wide array of publications including Outdoor Life, New Pioneer, North American Whitetail, Buckmasters, Petersen’s Bowhunting and Bowhunting World to name a few. Tracy resides in Michigan with his wife, Angie and their two boys Thane and Hendrik.
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