Mathews Wins Lawsuit Against Bowtech

By Brad KaufmannMarch 4, 20204 Comments
Mathews Archery recently won a lawsuit against Bowtech for infringing on 24 different patents.
Mathews Wins Lawsuit Against Bowtech

On March 2nd, 2020, Mathews Archery won one of the biggest lawsuits in the hunting/archery world. This all started about 8 years ago, when Mathews attempted to reach a private resolution with Bowtech. But after being unsuccessful in trying to reach an agreement, Mathews finally filed a patent infringement lawsuit 2 years ago.

In a letter to retailers, Mathews Archery founder and CEO Mathew McPherson wrote, “Bowtech has now admitted that more than 40 of its Bowtech/Diamond branded bows, as well as its Deadlock Lite Octane Quiver, infringe 228 claims of the 24 MCP IP patents at issue in the lawsuit.”

Here is the full letter from Mathew McPherson

Mathews Wins Lawsuit Against Bowtech

Bowtech has agreed to a confidential financial settlement for their past infringements. And they have also agreed to license certain MCP IP patents moving forward.

Here’s the full list of bows that are included in the lawsuit:

Mathews Wins Lawsuit Against Bowtech
The full list of each bow that infringes upon the MCP IP patents.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated. The original article falsely stated that “All of Bowtech’s currently available bow models are included in the infringement…” This is not true, Bowtech’s latest Deadlock models that were introduced over the last 2 years, are specifically excluded from the settlement agreement. This includes the Reckoning, Reckoning 38, Revolt, and Revolt X.

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