Top New Trail Cameras for 2020

By Brodie SwisherFebruary 12, 2020

The technological advancements in the trail camera industry show no signs of slowing down for 2020 as companies are coming out with newer and easier ways of sending trail camera pictures and videos straight to the user. We’ve come across some very impressive new cameras being released this year as we searched for the best of the best. In no particular order, here’s a look at the top new trail cameras of 2020.

Check out the latest trail cameras in the video below…


Stealth Cam – Fusion Cell Camera

The Fusion Camera is the first trail camera of its kind. You don’t change the settings on the camera itself, you simply open up the camera, insert 8 AA batteries, and scan the QR code inside of the camera. Then, you pull up the Stealth Cam Command app on your phone, and control all the settings from there so that you never need to open the camera back up. With the new “Pro Bundle Package” you can now bundle multiple cameras together on one easy cell plan. The 3 different versions of this camera are Verizon, AT&T, and Global. This camera will be available in April. The Verizon and AT&T cameras come with an MSRP of $150, and the global camera costs $250.

Stealth Cam Fusion

SpyPoint – Cell-Link Adapter

This new unit can turn any regular trail camera into a cell cam. It works by running a thin USB ribbon cable from the unit, into the SD card slot of the trail camera. Pictures are taken from the camera, and sent to the Cell-Link via the SD card. They are then sent directly to the Spypoint app on your phone, through either an AT&T or a Verizon cellular plan. They have flexible cell plans including a free plan for 100 photos per month. It will be available in April, and has a price of $70.

Spartan Camera – GoLive Camera

Spartan Camera – GoLive Camera

The Spartan GoLive camera builds on Spartan’s Ghost Cam trail cam, but as the name implies, it now has the ability to go live on demand. It’s a fun and exciting way to keep track of things on the properties you hunt through live videos, with audio, being streamed right to your phone in real time. It also has an internal battery system, allowing your camera’s GPS to work when your traditional batteries run out. So if your camera is stolen, you can still track it down for recovery, even if the batteries have been removed. This camera will be available in September and the price is to be decided.

Spartan Camera – GoLive Camera

Moultrie – XV6000 & XA6000 Cameras

Similar to a few other new cameras on this list, settings for the XV6000 & XA6000 can be controlled remotely via smartphone or computer. Moultrie also utilizes their new “Smart Tag Image Recognition” to instantly tag and separate the pictures into different categories relative to what’s within the image. It’s available for either AT&T, or Verizon, comes at a price of $120, and will be available in Spring 2020.

Moultrie – XV6000 & XA6000 Cameras

Wildgame Innovations – Insite Air Camera

With the Insite Air, you can wirelessly retrieve trail camera data without disturbing your hunting area. This camera uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the HuntSmart app, sending all the photos and videos to your phone. You just need to be within 150 yards of the camera, and you’ll receive a notification to download. The Insite Air Camera does not have a price yet, and it will be available in summer of 2020.

Wildgame Innovations – Insite Air Camera

SpyPoint – Link-Micro-S-LTE

The Link Micro S LTE combines their patent-pending integrated solar panel, with their included rechargeable lithium battery pack, to deliver the most efficient power solution to the camera. The rechargeable battery pack is charged through the solar panel, and can save you lots of money in batteries. Similar to the SpyPoint Cell-Link, the Link Micro S LTE can be run through both Verizon and AT&T networks, and they offer flexible plans. It will be available in April 2020, and price has yet to be decided.

SpyPoint – Link-Micro-S-LTE

Cuddeback – Cuddelink GEN 2

The Cuddelink Gen 2 is a software update to the Cuddelink System. So if you ran the Cuddelink System in previous years, you can still use the same cameras and all you have to do is update your main Home or Cell camera to acquire this software. Much like the original Cuddelink system, you can have several remote cameras send pictures back to one home camera. But unlike the original, you can now control each camera’s settings from your phone, tablet, or computer. They’ve improved their connection to include up to 24 cameras on a single network. Plans start at as little as $10 a month on an annual plan, and it will be available in Spring 2020.

Cuddeback Cuddelink Gen 2

Covert Cameras – AW1-A & AW1-V Cameras

The AW1-A & AW1-V cameras run through the new Covert Wireless web portal and mobile app, and can be accessed from any smart phone, tablet, or computer. This new program delivers advanced features such as real-time control, weather and wind information, and instant picture viewing. This camera can run with AT&T or Verizon networks, and plans can cost as little as $5 per month. The camera itself has a price tag of $310, and it will be available in April 2020.

Covert AW1-A

Top Trail Cameras 2020 – Conclusion

Be sure to give the trail cameras mentioned above a look this year as you add greater technology to your tools for getting closer to big bucks. Also, comment below and let us know which cameras you like, use and recommend.

Brodie Swisher
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