Scent Crusher – Rapid Mobile Shower

By Brad KaufmannJanuary 10, 2020

Scent Crusher unveiled a few new products at the 2020 ATA Show, but the one with the most buzz is this contraption! It’s called the “Rapid Mobile Shower” and it was made for the hunter that has minimal time to get to the woods after a long day at work. Our own, Dustin Decroo, took a deeper look at in his interview at the Scent Crusher booth, take a look:

How It Works

Despite how high-tech and complicated it looks, it’s anything but. It was specifically made for the car ride to your hunting spot, so all you need to do is strip down to your base layers, climb into the suit, plug it in to your cigarette lighter, and watch it work it’s magic!

The oversized suit is one size fits all.

The suit has elastic around the wrists, ankles, and around the neck to keep the ozone from escaping and filling your vehicle. Once the suit is on and elastic is tightened, the ozone is blown from a generator and into the suit. From there, it destroys all the odor on your body and base layers, then exits the vehicle through a vent that’s located on the side of the left shoulder.

The side vent allows ozone to safely exit the driver side window of your vehicle.


If you’re a true believer in using ozone, and you don’t always have time for a shower before heading to the woods, this is perfect for you. It isn’t very complicated to use, and could be a life saver in a pinch. It isn’t currently available, but will retail at $199.


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