Fourth Arrow Carbon Arm 3.0 Review [Video]

By Brodie SwisherJanuary 3, 2020

The crew at Fourth Arrow has made a great camera arm even better with the introduction of their all-new Carbon Arm 3.0. It’s being touted as their lightest, longest and strongest camera arm to date. It’s received a few upgrades in design to make it tougher and more packable than ever before. Check it out in our Fourth Arrow Carbon Arm 3.0 Review below.


Specs on the Fourth Arrow Carbon Arm 3.0

As mentioned above, the Carbon Arm 3.0 is the lightest, longest, and strongest camera arm from Fourth Arrow to date. It weighs in at 1 pound, 8 ounces. It’s a 35″ arm that stretches out to 41″ when mounted to the Fourth Arrow shoulder and base. The total package weighs in right about 5 pounds. Comparable arms with this kind of support often weigh in around 8-10 pounds.


Looking to upgrade your camera arm this year? Check out the Carbon Arm 3.0 from Fourth Arrow.

The Ultimate Run-n-Gun Camera Arm

If you’re trying to shave down every possible pound from your pack, you really need to consider adding the Carbon Arm 3.0 to your camera gear arsenal. The Carbon Arm 3.0 features a unique design with its carbon fiber build that’s lightweight and rigid. It doesn’t get cold to the touch like metal camera arms do during the winter months.


The Carbon Arm 3.0 is Fourth Arrow’s lightest, longest and strongest camera arm to date.

When paired with Fourth Arrow’s compact base system, you have the ultimate run-n-gun camera arm system. Better yet, the new Micro shoulder and base system allows for an even more compact base design. It’ll stuff easily into your pack or oversized pocket to give you greater packability than ever before.


The Micro Shoulder and Base, paired with the Carbon Arm 3.0, makes for a super compact run-n-gun camera arm system.

The beauty of the Fourth Arrow base is that it costs a fraction of what you’ll pay from the competition, allowing you to buy a number of bases to leave in the tree at your favorite treestands. This minimizes the weight you’ll carry as well as the setup time upon arrival to your stand.

Base-Strap - fourth arrow carbon arm 3.0 review

The Micro shoulder and base attaches to the tree quick and easy with a ratchet strap.

The Carbon Arm 3.0 kit comes with either the Standard 2.0 Shoulder and Base or the Micro Shoulder and Base. The Standard version is rated for up to 8 lbs of camera. The Micro version is rated for up to 7.5 lbs of camera.

The Carbon Arm 3.0 kit sells for $229. Check it out at

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