Bowhunting Deer in Kentucky

By Brodie SwisherSeptember 10, 20191 Comment

The deer season is officially underway in Kentucky, and a few of the BHOD team members were there in hopes of an encounter with a velvet buck in the early season. Bowhunting deer in Kentucky can be tough in the early season. It’s often a feast or famine game that can be frustrating when you’re not in the action. Such was the case for some of our guys. Here’s a look at where our guys were this past weekend.

Chad Gillaspie and Cody Kasinger were in the stand together in hopes of tag-teaming on a velvet buck in west Kentucky. Recent trail cam photos led them to believe they were in the right spot. But despite optimism running high for the opener, the two didn’t find themselves in the action throughout opening weekend.

Josh Sturgill was hunting in eastern Kentucky for the opener and had a slow morning on Saturday, seeing just two does before heading out of the woods to get back home for a wedding.

bowhunting deer in kentucky - sturgill-doe

Josh Sturgill with his opening day doe in Kentucky.

“I came back Sunday morning and was covered up with does all morning,” says Sturgill. “I had three does come through about 9:30, with a big doe trailing in the back. With the temperatures warming up, and no buck in sight, I decided to shoot the big doe at 20 yards. My shot was perfect, and she went just thirty yards. It was a great way to get the season started.”

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