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By Frank McDonoughJuly 26, 20191 Comment

LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2023

Depending on how immersed you are into the archery world, your social media may be covered with trail cam pics of whitetails, new bow releases, gear reviews, and the latest shenanigans from the Bowhunt Or Die Team.  However, as the archery seasons roll by, some of us start to reach for more than just cool camera angles, main camera footage, and the elusive wall hanger whitetail. Even among our own staff, we’ve seen Paul Morrison take on the trad life for the web show and put down a couple successful hunts over the last two seasons

traditional bowhunting - paul-lgonbow-bird

Paul with his first turkey with a trad bow.

In Season 9, Paul started his preparation for his first whitetail trad kill early on with a set next to a watering hole that he built in episode 26. Watch Paul’s hunt below…

Making the Switch to Traditional Bowhunting

So what is the appeal? Make a quick social media search and you’ll find a plethora of groups, forums, YouTube pages and information available for the novice to serious struggle stick enthusiast. After taking on barebow archery in September of 2018, it only seemed fitting for me to transition into hunting with a trad bow and hone in on my human senses and take one of our elusive Pennsylvania whitetails going into the 2019/2020 archery season. Thankfully I have access to some of the great minds close to home with our friends at Lancaster Archery Supply for insight and direction on the trad bow path. But there’s also some other great trad bowhunting resources that are just a click away. If you’re looking for some of the best resources for the trad bowhunter, the following may help you in your effort to become a better trad bow shooter and hunter this season.

traditional bowhunting - paul-doe

Paul with his first trad bow deer caught on camera.

Trad Tech Archery

Trad Tech Archery – A Division Of Lancaster Archery Supply has developed some amazing bows that marry the traditional archery riser and the International Limb Fit of Olympic recurve bow. Taking the technology of olympic style limbs and adding them to a bow that can be shot with an elevated rest or off the shelf makes for an amazing combination.

Here’s a closer look…

Archery 360

Archery 360   – This website and Youtube page puts out a ton of great content and basically a simple search will give you the information you need to point you in the right direction with any and all archery endeavors.

The Barebow Group

The Barebow Group – This is located on Facebook and is comprised of a mixture of barebow and traditional shooters. Since barebow archery is considered an ILF olympic recurve riser with an elevated arrow rest and plunger, it doesn’t exactly fit into the “trad life” category. However, many of these enthusiasts dabble in all the forums out there. The community feel in the group is second to none. I think the most beneficial part of this group is that some of the best shooters from across the country frequently comment and will help all levels of shooters that need help and ask questions. Names like John Demmer, Grayson Partlowe, and Lancaster Archery’s John Wert frequently provide tips and information to any and all that request assistance.

The Push Archery

The Push Archery– Founded by Matt Zirnsak and Tim Nebel, The Push, as it’s affectionately referred to is a community of traditional bowhunters that have adapted their message and passion for traditional archery to everything from a Podcast, Youtube, and Facebook group. The evolution of The PUSH is a huge part of the recent growth in Trad Archery and are worth following as they expand on their repertoire.

Bowhunting.com Trad Forum

The Bowhunting.com Trad Forum – Let’s not forget our very own forum where our Bowhunt or Die fans discuss traditional archery topics, ask questions, and interact with the staff from the show and discuss all things traditional bowhunting.


So whether you’re just getting started with traditional bowhunting, or have been shooting trad for years, the previously mentioned resources are among the best of the best to keep you sharp, help you stay focused, and make you a better trad bowhunter. Check them out as you prepare for opening day with a trad bow in hand.

Frank McDonough
Owner and Head Coach Grass Hollow Archery Training Center at Grass Hollow Archery
Frank is one of our Brand Ambassadors and outdoor writer for Bowhunting.com. He is USA Archery Level 3 coach and competitive barebow shooter. Frank is an archery instructor at Penn State University and the S.E. Regional Coordinator for Scholastic 3-D Archery in Pennsylvania. Frank can be found coaching archery, working on bows, or preparing for the PA archery season any given day.
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