Cyclist Crashes Into Deer: Is It Todd Graf??? [Video]

Ok, no. Graf was not behind the handlebars of the bike when this crash occurred. But we’re pretty sure he would have gladly taken one for the team for the sake of the footage had the opportunity presented itself. We hear about vehicle and deer collisions all the time. It’s what keeps things lively for insurance companies across the country during the fall and winter months. But when was the last time you saw the headlines, “Cyclist Crashes Into Deer,” pop up on your screen? Let’s just say they are much less frequent. And you can bet that when they happen, it’ll be a crash of epic proportions. Such was the case for one cyclist riding his bike on Mt. Lemmon in Tuscon. Cyclist Reed Soehnel was coming down the road at a pretty steady clip when out of the woods a buck darts in front of him leaving him little time to react.


Close your eyes, grit your teeth, and hang on. It’s about to get ugly!

These encounters typically happen so fast there is little time for braking or maneuvering. It all happens in a flash, leaving you with nothing to do other than close your eyes, grit your teeth and hang on. This particular crash sent Soehnel and his bike flying through the air before toppling to the ground. The buck scrambled back in the direction he came from, seemingly unhurt.

It’s quite the crash. And depending on how you handle things, you may grimace, or find it comical.

Check out the video here…


This blog post goes out to boss and cycling guru, Todd Graf. We wish Todd the best on his cycling adventures now that deer season has wrapped up and pray that he avoids any encounters with deer while pedaling down the road.

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