Big Buck Round Up – Part 2

By Bow StaffJanuary 31, 2019

The 2018-2019 deer season is officially in the books. For some, it was the best season yet. For others, getting close to a good buck proved tougher than usual. Part 1 of our Big Buck Roundup brought a look at some of the great bucks from across the country that were taken during the early season. Our Big Buck Roundup Part 2 showcases some of our favorite bucks from the November rut through the late season.


Did you see these bucks make the rounds through social media?

The second half of the season proved to be feast or famine for a lot of hunters. Like usual, the hunters that had the groceries seemed to have the deer. Some guys and gals called it quits early, while others rode it out to punch their tag on a hard-earned trophy buck.

Here’s a look at some of the bucks that caught our eye on social media in the second half of the season…


Luke Brewster’s 320 5/8 World Record Buck

This year obviously proved to be one for the books for Luke Brewster as he punched his tag on a buck that would become the largest hunter-killed whitetail buck of all time with a score of 320 5/8. A big congrats to Luke on the buck of a lifetime.

As quick as one season closes we find ourselves already daydreaming of what the season ahead will bring. We are truly living in the “good old days” for big whitetail bucks. Every season brings a renewed excitement for the encounters we hope and pray will come our way.

Best of luck to you in 2019!


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