Breadcrumb Bluetooth Trackable Arrow Nock

High tech hunting products continue to catch a lot of attention each year at the ATA show. This year is no different. We’ve already come across a number of products that seemingly change the game in recovery efforts of gear and deer. The new Breadcrumb bluetooth trackable arrow nock is one such product. The company has now expanded their line with this unique arrow tracking system that will allow you to quickly and easily locate your arrow after the shot.

Check out this video for a closer look at how it works…


You can say goodbye to digging through the leaves for lost arrows. The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Trackable Nock saves you time and money as it helps you quickly recover your gear.

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  1. Craig H. says:

    I had high hopes plunking down over $100 bucks of my hard earned money for 3 of these nocks only to be greatly disappointed.
    I shot my first arrow at 30 yards.
    The nock lit up like it was supposed to and began blinking just like it was supposed to. So far so good. So I opened the app and waited for it to locate the nock. And I waited – and I waited . No signal at 30 yards. Hmmm it’s supposed to work up to 50 yards.
    So I walked a little closer. The app stopped responding. Hmmm. Reopen the app and finally located my arrow at around 20 yards. So I walked around a little bit testing different distances only for the app to lose signal again and eventually stop responding. Again. All within 20 yrds or less. Reopened the app and relocated the arrow at “very close”. Activated the sound button and no sound.
    (Which by the way, when it does work, isnt very loud. Unless you hunt in a closed library, good luck hearing this thing in the tall grass, or a bean field.) So I Rebooted my phone thinking maybe that was the problem. Nope!
    I can’t tell if I’m getting closer or further away , or I could be right on top of my arrow and the app says no signal, close, very close, there isn’t much difference and the app is so very slow to respond to changes.
    Do I want to be going through all this BS in the field trying to find my arrow? How about getting all my buddies in on it by sharing so they can all walk in circles staring at their phones too. Nope.. no thanks.
    Do I want to retune and site in my bow all over again before hunting season only to have to do it all over again when I take these off? No thanks again.
    The app has problems for sure or maybe it’s the nock, I don’t know. But definitely needs major major improvements before touting this thing as the next great thing and taking people’s money thinking they’re gonna be able to walk right up to a lost arrow.
    How about more than 3 bars on the signal meter so you can tell if your actuy getting closer or further away. Minimum 5 bars! Imo.
    Nothing more than a VERY expensive lighted nock. That part worked good but probably going to cause more Hunter frustration than actual finding arrows.
    To be fair, I only tested 1 nock of the 3 that I purchased. And I only loosed that arrow a handful of times before giving up. If this thing works like this straight out of the box, I’m not going to waste my time in the field with it.


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