Barnett Predator Crossbow Review

Barnett has been making crossbows for about as long as anybody out there. They’ve been at the forefront of crossbow technology and engineering for a long time. Their latest release, the Barnett Predator, delivers the best of the best from Barnett in a single crossbow package. It was a highly anticipated release for Barnett fans that were excited to see the company take their crossbow design to the next level. The Predator is finally here, so let’s take a closer look at the Barnett Predator crossbow and the features you’ll find from top to bottom.


Built for performance and comfort, the Predator is making its mark.

First Impressions

Assembly of the Predator is quick and easy with a single bolt assembly attachment. I had it set up and in business in a matter of minutes. The Predator crossbow is a sharp and sleek design. I like the black finish on the crossbow I tested. I immediately noticed it seemed to be a longer frame than some of the other crossbows I’ve tried in recent years. I wasn’t sure if I liked the longer design until I put it to my shoulder. Opposite of what I thought, the longer design actually allows for a much smoother and steady hold than I would have ever anticipated. The rubberized grips were also a nice feature to prevent slipping and sliding in the hands. The Predator seems to be a nice blend when it comes to overall weight. It’s not too heavy, nor does it feel like a lightweight toy for kids.

Specs on the Barnett Predator Crossbow

Speed – 430 FPS

Axle-to-Axle – 17″

Dimensions – 37″(L) x 20″(W)

Kinetic Energy – 156 Foot-Pounds

Weight – 7.8 Pounds

Draw Weight – 207#

Power Stroke – 16.33″

Trigger – TriggerTech

Finish – Black


The Predator test bow I used shot a zippin’ 408 feet per second through the chrono.

Top Features of the Barnett Predator

Increased power seems to be at the foundation of the Predator design. The company complemented that power with their Carbonlite riser that was built to remove excess weight and add balance throughout. It’s a sleek riser design that feels good in the hands and truly balances well. The riser also includes a step-through foot stirrup design that is tucked in nice and nearly unnoticeable. It’s a nice change from some of the large and obnoxious foot stirrups that stick out on the front of a crossbow. The riser has a pass-through foregrip for maximum handling and comfort. The bow is crank cocking device compatible if you opt for that add on as well.

barnett predator crossbow-side

The sleek riser design of the Predator gives it a comfortable fit.

The design also includes a unique feature Barnett calls their RUCS System. RUCS stands for Retractable Underarm Counterbalance Support system. This retractable arm can be dropped down below the stock and tucked in under your arm for additional support and balance.

Other features of the Barnett Predator include: Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Tracks, Four Picatinny Rails for mounting anything and everything, and String Dampeners.


The RUCS system was designed to give the Predator a snug and solid fit.

The Barnett Predator Package

The Predator comes packaged with Barnett’s most advanced scope, featuring seven layers of multi-coated polarized lenses. It also includes three arrows, a side-mount quiver, shoulder strap, rope cocking device and lube wax.


Barnett’s most advanced scope yet comes standard with the Predator package.


The Predator features a TriggerTech assembly. This Frictionless Release Technology creates a free-floating roller between the sear and the trigger. Barnett says the result is smoother and lighter trigger than anything they’ve ever created. The design also includes nock sensors and anti-dry fire engineering to give you confidence and peace of mind. The trigger system also includes a 3-pound, zero-creep release design for the ultimate shot release.


The Predator’s trigger is smooth and crisp.

Barnett Predator Crossbow – Conclusion

The Barnett Predator is a power-packed crossbow with plenty of features to make it a very user-friendly option for hunters shopping for comfort and performance in a single package. The Predator wears a price tag of $1399. Check it out at your local Barnett dealer or online at



  1. After about 50 shots or so both string dampeners started flying off and this happened following each and every shot. Hence, in stead of just shooting arrows (or bolts) you get an additional hide-and-seek challenge to boot as well – or at least I did. Obviously not an ideal situation if you’re in a tree stand, for example. Also the string has half-cocked (if that makes any sense) three times by this time, leaving you the only option of pulling the string back again the final 1/4″ or so in order to be able to fire. While there definitely are some details Barnett could do a better job at, I need more shots to tell for sure if this is a keeper or should I move on to Ten Point or some other brand. I’m kind of neutral at the moment (not disappointed nor thrilled, either).

    • Backwoods Bandit says:

      Super Glue Worked Great for the Dampeners poping off and The Arrows given with the bow out the box Like any Crossbow on Earth Are Lighter than what you need so get 400 grain arrows Headhunters are 350g don’t use those there good but not Perfect in this BEAST its very worth the money and honestly Good luck buying a more powerful crossbow The Nitro NXT is only shooting 400fps and the Ravin R20 sniper 430fps All speeds to Kill a Eliphnt but this Is 1000$ cheaper than those Bows I say all this out of Personal Existence.

  2. LEN FARIA says:

    just bought one of these, i need a crank device, is the one and how do i get it?

    • Backwoods Bandit says:

      They don’t make a crank for this model sorrybut Barnett does make Alot of other crossbows for crank devices for older people and handicap people this BEAST is made for the Strong and Healthy shooters.

  3. Jim Honaker says:

    I also bought one of these from amazon they show the draw weight to 187 pounds. It is much higher than 187 pounds and I cannot cock it. I think the Barnett rope cocker is a poor design in that it is too wide making the bow even harder cock. I have an older predator 180 pound draw weight which is not hard to cock especially when I use a simple cheap rope cocker that is not too wide.

    • Backwoods Bandit says:

      This is 209 pounds.. Definitely not a Toy made for Big Game mine came with a Rope for Reverse Crossbows with a big pin holding the two ends together DON’T use that if you were gave one that was a Mistake for the company because it did not come from Barnett directly that happens with Amazon orders Use a Regular Cocking rope and Remember This Monster Is for The Strong and Healthy very Worth it for the price and Powa!!


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