How to Use a Thumb Trigger Release

By Bow StaffDecember 28, 2018

A lot of shooters have been making the switch to the thumb trigger release in recent years for the simplicity it provides, but also to rid themselves of the trigger punch plague that robs their shooting consistency. But what a lot of shooters don’t realize is that they can easily develop bad habits and begin punching the thumb trigger as well. It’s easy to do. To avoid it, the key is learning how to properly activate your thumb trigger release. P.J. Reilly of Lancaster Archery is here to show us just how it’s done.

thumb trigger release

If you’re not careful, you’ll develop the habit of punching a thumb trigger. Here’s how to properly execute the shot.

Reilly has helped countless archers and bowhunters get out of the slump of improper shooting form and bad habits with the bow. Whether through the LAS Pro Shop, or at tournament events across the country, he’s seen it all when it comes to the good, bad and ugly on shooting form, technique and habits. The insight he shares below will help you develop a more consistent shot with your thumb trigger release.

Check out the video below…


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