Black Eagle Arrows for Tournament Season

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The end of another year means that tournament archery season is right around the corner. Bowhunters will hang up their hunting rigs and begin the transition back to their competition setups. New gear will be added to the mix as shooters do all within their power to tighten up before they step to the line. And one piece of gear that gets its fair share of time and attention are the arrow shafts that shooters rely on throughout the tournament season. If you find yourself looking to change things up this year, be sure to give Black Eagle a look. The following will share a closer look at why so many competition shooters are switching to Black Eagle arrows for tournament season.
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Dan McCarthy at full draw on the tournament trail.

Competitive shooter, Dan McCarthy, has been on fire the last several years when it comes to tournament archery. He was the 2017 and 2018 IBO Champion. His success has earned the opportunity to have his name on his very own series of arrow shafts with Black Eagle. He personally developed the Dan McCarthy PS27 Super X Premium Signature series 100% carbon shaft. This shaft was specifically designed for the highest level of indoor competition. The combination of ultra tight .001 or better straightness and ±1 gr weight tolerances make this the ideal max diameter competition arrow.

Check out the video below as’s, Justin Zarr, spends a little time talking arrows with Dan McCarthy of Black Eagle Arrows…


Dan McCarthy isn’t the only shooter finding success with the Black Eagle Arrows for tournament season. In the debut year for the PS27 shafts, Chris Perkins won big in Vegas shooting the PS27 shafts. The Vegas Shoot is the Granddaddy of indoor tournaments. Competitors shoot against thousands of the best archers in the world. When the smoke cleared, Chris Perkins and the PS27 came out on top.

Here’s a quick video of Chris Perkins winning the Lucky Dog shootdown in Vegas…

Customized Shafts

Black Eagle has gone above and beyond to ensure you have the best possible fit when selecting your arrow shafts. When browsing the PS27 arrows, you will notice that all components are sold separately. This allows you to fully customize the PS27 with your choice of bushing, nock, point and vane style that best suits your needs and preferences. It truly is a great process that allows you to shoot with the ultimate in accuracy and precision.
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