Grizzly Bear Charges Cameraman: What Would You Have Done? [Video]

Grizzly bear charge. It’s the stuff backcountry nightmares are made of. But how would you handle it if it became a reality for you? Elk hunting in the west can often mean encounters with grizzly bears. Grizzly bears routinely come to investigate the sounds of elk calls produced by hunters. Unfortunately, where you find the elk is often where you find the grizzlies as well. Hunters and outdoorsmen that have experienced a grizzly charge and lived to tell about it always seem to speak of how fast the charge took place. Grizzlies tend to attack in a quick and calculated method. Such is the case in the video below when a grizzly bear charges a cameraman as he let the footage roll.

grizzly bear charge cameraman

A moment after picking up human scent, this grizzly bear went into a full charge.

You can tell the moment when the grizzly bear catches human scent. She quickly goes from feeding to making her move. Whoofing and charging immediately ensued. The bear even weaves in and out of the brush to keep the cameraman guessing as to where it was all gonna go down.

Watch as this grizzly bear charge unfolds to see just how fast things can happen in grizzly country…


What about you? How would you have handled the situation? Was this cameraman smart or lucky? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this grizzly charge.

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