Grunt Style Bowhunter Ad Fail

Grunt Style is currently one of the more popular apparel companies within the firearms/military/outdoor communities.  If you’ve been paying attention to the world around you these last few years you’ve undoubtedly seen someone wearing one of their shirts, recognizable by the Grunt Style logo and “This I’ll Defend” tagline on the left sleeve .  Pro-America, Pro-Gun and Pro-Bacon are common themes within the Grunt Style collection and I’ll admit – I’m a fan.  While I don’t personally own any of their gear (yet) I certainly know plenty of folks who do.

Recently Grunt Style has expanded into new territory with the formation of Grunt Style Outdoors which appears to be an offshoot of their brand targeting the outdoor enthusiast.  In partnership with Realtree they’ve released a line of pretty cool hunting/outdoors themed shirts.  Unfortunately the marketing department for Grunt Style Outdoors missed the mark on a recent photo shoot that’s being used to promote the new shirt line.

grunt style outdoors bowhunter ad fail

“Have you ever shot a bow before? No? Great! You’re perfect for this ad campaign.”

Now archers and bowhunters are no strangers to failed attempts at archery within marketing campaigns, television shows or movies.  It’s rare that these non-archers and non-hunters “get it right”.  But I’ll admit I expected better from the guys and gals at Grunt Style on this one.  I mean come on – this is the best we could find?  Nobody at Grunt Style actually owns a modern bow and knows how to shoot it?

Cool shirt and cool tats, but this guy’s form could use some serious help.  The comments on the Facebook ad and post are pretty brutal, but equally hilarious and well deserved.  After all, if you’re going to market to bowhunters you should at least make sure you’re holding the weapon correctly.


On a side note, you can get your Bowhunt or Die t-shirts made by dudes who are super serious about bowhunting as proven by this killer photo by visiting

Bowhunt or Die – your true source for killer hunting apparel.



  1. Lol. Not to mention that looks like a kids bow.

  2. Aaric Blattner says:

    His he even holding onto the strip. Knuckles in front of it, cant make out any sort of a release.

  3. Derrick says:

    Pretty cool bow but what about his arm???

  4. what is that, the rarely seen gluten-free artisan fist release?

  5. Ed Deupree says:

    They checked all the boxes though.
    Beard? Check
    Tactical style sunglasses? Check
    Super Stylish Hair? Check
    One tribal and one sensitive tattoo properly placed? Check

    Sorry these types of adds kill me. I’d be willing to be the guy shooting is a Half Caf No foam soy milk extra tall caramel mocha kinda fella.

    • Pumpkin spice kinda of guy.

  6. I have to agree with everyone above and have laughed my *** off about the comments.
    Keep one thing in mind, people have shot compounds with “fingers” (non release) for a long time. He’s still doing it completely wrong! Marketing people suck.
    Hey, isn’t that an older Mathews solo cam he’s shooting? I have one in my basement, anyone want to buy it??? 😉

  7. Don’t bash the Matthews. I still use a switchback. But everyone is right about the pictures. Is the guys eating his boat shoes without socks.

  8. Who the hell cares. In today’s society e everyone has an opinion or complaining about something, just plain garbage. The outdoor industry is too commercialized, it’s a joke. Oh I better be careful, I might offend someone.

  9. Take it easy on the bow, it’ll take down deer……I don’t know bout the fella.

  10. I agree w/ most if you…marketing failed on that ad!!!
    But I totally agree w/ Jeff, the hunting industry has become way to commercialized & all about the products, posts & contests. Even have shows on tv that make hunting a reality game, Drury has a couple & wild game innovations has one. Not sure that’s the direction we want hunting to go!!!

  11. isn’t the bottom pic Justin Zarr from bow hunt or die?


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