Montana Bull Elk for Kaufhold

We want to say a big congrats to our friend, Rob Kaufhold, of Lancaster Archery on his Montana bull elk taken this past week. It was a beast of a bull – one that elk hunters spend a lifetime in search of. Here’s what Rob had to say about his experience…


Rob with the bull he’s waited 40 years to kill.

“I’m exhausted, but incredibly grateful of the countless ways the Lord continues to bless our family. I’ve been after a bull like this for 40 years, since my first taste of elk hunting in ‘78. Special thanks to my wife and family, the team at LAS, JJ and Dave for sharing the experience and the great gear to get the job done in Montana at 70 yards – Hoyt, Carbon Express, TruBall Axcel, Vortex optics and Slick Trick broadheads. #sawhimgodown

Montana bull elk - kaufhold-bull-down

Big Montana bull down!

The bull had a rough green score of 396 – a bull of a lifetime by anyone’s standards.

Congrats, Rob! We’re proud of you and all you do for archery and bowhunting.


  1. Terry Foster says:

    Rob, congratulations on that monster elk, and amen, the Lord provides


    Congrats man.. hopeful to know the feeling myself one day !!

  3. Andy Pifer says:

    Thanks for acknowledging that this gift is from the Creator, the Lord most high. I have never had the privilege to Hunt Elk, but always admired this majestic animal. I pray maybe one day I will have the chance to sling an arrow at one. Blessings!

  4. Mike Doud says:

    The hunter needs to congratulate himself also. To feel confident at making a kill shot at that range. A lot of hunting skills add up in a 40 year time span. God provides the rest.
    I have elk hunted for 45 years and know the effort it takes. Nice bull.


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