Rugid Compound Bow Case Review

The crew always loves checking out new gear. We’re constantly on the lookout for new and innovative gear that helps meet the needs of demanding bowhunters. That’s why the new Rugid Compound Bow Case caught our eye. It’s something unique and different from many of the standard bow cases we’ve seen so far. Here’s a closer look at the new Rugid Compound Bow Case.


Rugid Compound Bow Case

The Rugid Compound Bow Case was designed to fit most modern parallel limb bows. My Mathews Triax easily fit inside with ample room to stash my extras, binos, rangefinder, stabilizers, and other accessories. The case measures 39″L x 18.5″W x 6″H, so it can easily accommodate other bows that aren’t as short as the Triax.


My Mathews Triax fit nicely in this case, with ample room for accessories.

The 7/8″ removable foam padding inside the Rugid Compound Bow Case is a nice feature, giving you confidence that your bow is snug and secure as it bounces around in the back of the truck or ATV. There weren’t any tie-down straps on the interior of the case, but the thick padding on the inside seemed to keep the bow in place quite well, particularly when I added my hoodie or jacket to the load in the case.

The case has a variety of pockets on the front and side to stash gear, as well as a arrow pocket on the front to store your quiver and arrows or arrow tube. The weather-proof zippers on these pockets help fight off the pounding your bow will take when the rains come.


An exterior pocket allows you to store your quiver or arrow tube.

The best part about this bow case is its ability to withstand wet weather and nature’s abuse – and it even floats! The same 7/8″ foam padding that protects your bow on the inside of this case, also helps keep it afloat should it ever take a spill. It boasts a very durable design that seems to be very rugged in construction. It’s built from 500D PVC and features a water-resistant zippered closure that protects against rain, snow, and indirect water.


It floats! It just might be the perfect bow case when you’re going in by boat or canoe. 

Another handy feature of this case is the rear tie-down straps on the back allowing you to quickly secure it to the rack on your ATV/UTV or other cargo rack. It’s the perfect solution to keep your bow secure on the ride in, as well as keeping your hands freed up to handle other things.

rugid compound bow case

Rear tie-down straps make strapping down to your truck or quad quick and simple.

The case has a heavy duty nylon carrying strap with neoprene for an easy, comfortable carry in the hand. It really is a great case for the commute to and from the deer stand, up the mountain in a quad, or banging around on the back roads.

rugid compound bow case - handle

The carrying strap/handle on the Rugid bow case.

The Rugid Compound Bow Case sells for $159.99. You can check it out at


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