Outdoor Channel Host Sidelined with Lyme Disease

The diagnosis of Lyme Disease is becoming more and more prevalent in the outdoor and hunting community. Unfortunately for those of us who love the outdoors, its presence is a growing concern. Kip Campbell, of Red Arrow, regrettably is not immune to its widespread reach. Several years ago he was diagnosed with and treated for Lyme Disease and although he thought the standard treatments had been effective, stress and life on the road allowed the disease to creep back in and severely compromise his immune system.

lyme's disease - kip-campbell-buck

Kip Cambell with a big Ohio buck.

For Kip, extreme fatigue, mental cloudiness, heart arrhythmias, and erratic and unpredictable dumps of adrenaline and cortisol into his system have been the most noteworthy symptoms. With the surge of these symptoms within the past year and a half, Kip and his doctors have made the determination that in order to see his health restored he would have to act now to preserve his future. The plan requires doctors’ visits, dietary changes, exercise, sleep, and a strict medication regime to both restore his immune system and eradicate the Lyme Disease. With these main treatment pieces, he and his team decided it was best to stay close to home to ensure his recovery is successful.

Kip and his team feel very confident about the strategy in place. Kip stated that he would rather take care of this now and have many more years of Red Arrow at 100% than to push through another season “as is” at 30% or worse.

Red Arrow fans, have no fear, this doesn’t mean you won’t see Kip as he’ll be checking in via social media with his progress, and when he’s feeling up to it he’ll hunt and bowfish around his home with his wife and kids. Kip and the Red Arrow Team have made some exciting plans with Outdoor Channel to ensure their 2019 season will air as schedule and without a hitch.

Our prayers go out to Kip and his family for a speedy and complete recovery from this disease.


  1. I have had LYME disease more than once and now take every precaution to prevent any tick-borne illness. But please, it is LYME disease not LYME’S disease.

  2. Mrbirdog says:

    Kip is one of my favorite outdoor post entertainers and I hope and pray for a speedy recovery. All the best to you kept looking forward to seeing your show in the near future.

  3. Kevin McElrath says:

    Kip you’re the best. My family and I have been watching you for years.Take care of yourself and always remember family comes first.God bless you and your family and the red white and blue.Get well and keep sticking them in the rib cage As we hope to do in Western PA in a couple weeks!!!

  4. Steven Holden says:

    Get your rest bud. You’ll always be my mentor! We won Season 1 of The Calling brother! Get well soon my man!! Army Strong!!!

  5. Adam klaas says:

    God bless, prayers for you and your family. I hope you feel better soon and get back in the outdoors. I live in Kentucky so Lyme disease is always a concern.

  6. John E Jennings says:

    John Jennings says prayers are with you fellow blood brother. Get well an turn them red .


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