Bowhunter Dies From Roadhunting Mishap

By Bow StaffAugust 27, 20183 Comments

One Utah man’s bowhunting adventure turned tragic this past week after falling from the back of a Jeep while bowhunting for deer in Beaver Canyon, Utah, according to police. A written statement issued by Utah Highway Patrol says the incident took place about 10:30 a.m. last Monday on State Route 153. The incident involved a silver Jeep Wrangler.

According to the highway patrol, the Jeep had two passengers that were bowhunting for mule deer while standing on a homemade rack mounted to the hitch of the Jeep.

bowhunter dies - Jeep-wrangler-rack

A fall from this homemade cargo rack turned tragic for one Utah bowhunter. Photo: Utah Highway Patrol

“A single strap/handle attached to the roll cage of the Jeep broke and one of the two men standing on the back fell off the vehicle and impacted the back of his head onto the pavement,” the statement said.

A medical helicopter was dispatched to the scene as first responders attempted to resuscitate the individual. Unfortunately, the man, identified as Nicholas J. Demas, 28, of West Valley City, was pronounced dead at the scene.

When a bowhunter dies, it pushes us to stop and think. This sad story serves as yet another reminder of the importance of safety regardless of where, when and how we hunt. Think before you act. There’s not an animal out there worth the risk of unsafe actions. Our prayers go out to the Demas family.


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