Competition Archery Media (CAM) Launches Top-Notch Tournament Coverage

A new day is dawning in the world of tournament archery when it comes to media coverage of these exciting events across the country. Competition Archery Media – CAM – will make its debut at the Delta McKenzie ASA Classic Aug. 2-5 in Cullman, Alabama.


CAM is a media company featuring a team of experienced, broadcast professionals, who plan to produce top-notch coverage of archery tournaments for the archery community and viewers curious about this sport.  Mike Tyrell’s ASA Classic will be CAM’s inaugural production, with video, social media and photography coverage being provided on the Lancaster Archery Supply media channels – YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

CAM plans to provide live updates of scoring by the pros during preliminary rounds Aug. 3 and 4. Following the completion of each day’s preliminary round, CAM will air a recap show on the LAS Facebook page and YouTube channel with complete coverage of the round, including an up-to-date leader board, video from the field and interviews with some of the top finishers.

On Aug. 4, CAM also plans to bring you full coverage of the evening Pro Pressure Point Shootdown. Here, you’ll be able to follow along, arrow for arrow, as our commentators break down the thrilling finals in each of the four pro divisions. Again, this video will be published on the LAS Facebook page and YouTube channel.

competition archery media (CAM)

P.J. Reilly interviews Crispin Duenas of Canada

On Aug. 5, look for a wrap-up show where CAM will feature some of the amateur archers, the event sponsors, the volunteers, the ASA team and more.

CAM’s goal at the Classic, and at future events, is to bring professional video production to archery tournaments, showcasing many of the world’s best archers, and to give viewers at home a sense of what it’s like to compete in these events. CAM wants to draw worldwide attention to competitive archery and generate widespread interest in the sport to help it grow into the future.

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  1. slickbilly-d says:

    It’s hard to get excited about this when BJM did so well. I understand money is involved, but this is about like the BHOD crew saying WAIT!!!…..archery talk is filming our show from now on….exclusively.

  2. DM in Ga says:

    Hopefully CAM will give uniform coverage to all participants and credit to all the participant sponsors, rather than only mentioning those sponsors who also sponsor the broadcaster, like BJM did. It was very trivial of BJM to refuse to name the bow or other equipment used by competitors and winners. Can you imagine a media entity reporting a race and instructing its reporters “Dale drives a Chevy, but Chevy doesn’t sponsor us, so don’t say Chevy and don’t put anything in any written form about Dale driving a Chevy.”?


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