2019 Hoyt Nitrux Compound Bow

Hoyt nitrux-stock

2019 Hoyt Nitrux

It’s mid-summer, and we’re already seeing the release of new bows for 2019. Hoyt is one of the first to the table with their 2019 lineup with the all-new Hoyt Nitrux compound bow. So as you look to the fall hunting season, Hoyt has a new bow option in the mix for your consideration.

The Nitrux is being touted as Hoyt’s lowest priced high-performance bow ever. With a price tag of well under a grand, the Nitrux is the much-awaited addition to Hoyt’s high-performance, high-end category. It features many premium technologies found on Hoyt’s other high-end bows such as a roller cable guard, vibration killing StealthShot damper, multi-layer laminated limbs, X-Act grip, Fuse custom strings and cables, and an adjustable cam system for easy draw length adjustment.

Hoyt Nitrux Specs

The Hoyt Nitrux weighs in at just 4.1 pounds, making it a hunter-friendly option for packing in and out of the woods, or up the mountain. It’s a 31.5 inch axle to axle bow that’s sending arrows down range at 333 fps. Two cam sizes offer draw length options in 24-27 inches and 27-30 inches. It has draw weight options that peak at 40, 50, 60, 65, and 70 pounds and a brace height at 6 1/2″ inches. The Nitrux is an 80% let-off bow making it a cinch to hold rock solid at full draw.

The Nitrux is available in Blackout, Optifade Subalpine, KUIU, Realtree, and UA Ridge Reaper finish options.

Hoyt Nitrux Performance

The big buzz about this bow seems to be how incredibly quiet it is. Hoyt says it’s all built in to this new bow. Sound suppression comes standard with the StealthShot dampening system built into the Nitrux. The new Nitrux Cam delivers a super smooth draw and an adjustable cam system for quick and simple draw length adjustments.  The Nitrux uses the same 12″ QuadFlex limb system that’s found in their popular REDWRX Series of bows. The bow is plenty fast, smooth to draw, and easy to maintain from your home shop with its built-in adjustability.

hoyt nitrux-bow

2019 Hoyt Nitrux in Blackout Finish Option

Hoyt Nitrux Price Tag

One of the hottest features on the new Hoyt Nitrux is its price tag. The bow will ring up for $849. And while some would hardly consider that a “budget bow,” it stacks up pretty good when compared to other feature-rich bows in the Hoyt lineup that ring up for nearly twice as much.

Be sure to give the new Hoyt Nitrux a look at your local Hoyt dealer or check it out online at www.lancasterarchery.com.



  1. Hoyt and the big 3 have lost there minds. Hoyt calling this a budget bow proves my case. I like Hoyt bows but the last
    new Hoyt i bought was a Maxxis 31 (still have it and love it) and after that i couldn’t justify spending that much money on a bow.
    Last few years i have been shooting PSE Awesome bows as good as any out there and much cheaper. I wonder when they will
    learn that not everyone wants to spend $1000 to $1500 on a top of the line bow, but i guess that’s why they have there budget
    bows to start with. Anyway back to this bow, same old thing, bland, looks like a bow from 6 years ago, don’t know why anyone would spend
    that kind of money for it.

    • Read the article, look at what you’re getting compared to what you’ve got. That’s why you pay this much; it’s a better bow than what you’ve been shooting. Go out and test one, see for yourself. New Hoyt’s shoot amazing.

  2. Antlers125 says:

    $849.00. For a “Budget Bow” not a chance. These Companies are pricing themselves out of business. Their sales go down, so they raise prices to try to compensate. Only people paying this are “Holywood Hunters.” To say the Nitrux is beter than a Maxxis is crazy. The Nitrux riser is not even aluminum.

    • doe shooter says:

      Buy one in 2 years for half as much. You don’t sound like the guy who has to have the latest and greatest. If it is a great bow today ,it will be just as good in 2 years. I agree it is stupid expensive.

  3. I work for a retailer who sales bows. We have had Bowtech, Diamond, Oneida, Genesis, Bear, Elite, PSE, Hoyt, and Mathews, and I can tell you Hoyt sales are NOT down for us. In fact we have gone to pretty much nothing but Hoyt and Mathews because the few bows we sale of the other brands makes it almost not even worth the time and energy we put into placing the order and keying them into inventory.

    • John Yanok says:

      That’s because Hoyt is the bombdiggity !! I still have my Vectrix….never let me down !

  4. Antlers125 says:

    Just a matter of time.
    “While the number of people participating in fishing and wildlife watching is up, participation in hunting dropped by about 2 million people to a total of 11.5 million hunters. Total expenditures by hunters also declined 29% from 2011 to 2016, from $36.3 billion to $25.6 billion.Sep 19, 2017

  5. Ray Scott says:

    i have had a few Hoyt dealers tell me this bow retails for $949.00 ,, you are saying $849.00 — whats up with that ? are these dealers playing games or what “

  6. joseph buttermark says:

    I wish I could find one in stock in North Texas . No one has any all say weeks to get in or maybe not getting any . For 849 I was ready to buy one !!

    • Ray Scott says:

      i have one i am going to sell ,, 50-60 RH ,, NEW—text me at 937 459 9782

  7. Richard Vann says:

    Yes the mark up on bows are roughly $300 or more dollars in this price range. When i sold Hoyt a $450 bow cost the dealer $275
    As long as people will pay these ridiculous prices they will keep selling them. Just like the pick up trucks and Bass boats of today.


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