Why You Should Practice at Longer Distances [Video]

By Bow StaffJuly 7, 201811 Comments

Over the years I’ve heard archers boast that they practice shooting their bow at close, hunting distances only. “Practicing at long distances will only tempt you to shoot deer at long  distance,” they’ll say. But the reality is, practicing at long distance is of great benefit to you as a bowhunter. Why should you practice at longer distances? Read on…

practice at longer distances - long-shot-pj

Flaws in your shot can’t hide when you’re shooting at longer distances.

I’ve always found long distance practice as a confidence booster. Accurately hitting the mark at 80 yards as always helped my confidence soar when it comes to shooting whitetail deer at 20-40 yards. But practice at longer distances will benefit you far beyond building your confidence. The video below from our friends at Lancaster Archery Supply will shed some light on why you should practice at longer distances.


We want to hear from you. How far do you shoot when you practice? Comment below and let us know what your practice routine looks like.

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