How to Cure Target Panic in 2 Weeks

By Bow StaffJune 13, 20181 Comment

Target panic. Some archers and bowhunters would say it’s of the devil. It’s the curse that tends to plague most every archer at one point or another in their shooting career. It typically comes on once a shooter or hunter has found success on the competition line or in the woods. Target panic seems to be fueled by pressure and expectations. I personally experienced it following the first 3D archery competition I won. The pressure to repeat my performance and win again seemed to ignite target panic within my mind. It’s something I’ve struggled with off and on ever since.

how to cure target panic

Target panic is a battle of the mind. Try this method to cure it over the next couple weeks.

While some archers do their best to ride it out and hope for the best, others set out on a mission to beat the target panic they struggle with at any cost. And while there’s been countless articles and videos presented on how to cure target panic over the years, we’ve found none to be as simple and effective as the method Levi Morgan shares in the video below. Give it a look to see what Morgan has to say on how to cure target panic in 2 weeks.


What about you? Do you struggle with target panic? Comment below and tell us how it effects you and what you’ve done to beat it.

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