Ground Pounding Turkeys from the NAP Mantis Ground Blind

The BHOD crew has been doing some serious work on the local turkey population since the season opened in several more states in recent weeks. Several of the guys have been tag-teamin’ from the new NAP Mantis ground blind. In fact, 4 birds have died from the same NAP Mantis ground blind over the last two weeks.

Justin Zarr and Dustin Decroo doubled up on turkeys from the Mantis blind out in Kansas a couple weeks ago, then returned home to begin working on the birds in Illinois. Opening day of the Illinois season found Tommy Alford riding out a snow storm to kill his first bird of the season from the Mantis.

NAP Mantis ground blind alford-turkey

Tommy Alford’s opening day snowbird.

Later that week, Zarr jumped back in the Mantis blind to take on some of the birds hanging out on one of his farms. The hunt led to his second bird of the year from the new ground blind with his Mathews Triax bow.

NAP Mantis ground blind - zarr-mantis-turkey

Justin Zarr with his second bird of the season taken from the NAP Mantis ground blind.

If you haven’t checked out the new NAP Mantis ground blind, be sure to give it a look at It’s a new concept in ground blind design with unique features we’ve never seen before. It’s light, compact, and has a super stealthy camo pattern and roof  outline that blends in like no other.

Be watching for these hunts coming soon to an episode of Bowhunt or Die.

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