Bowhunting Tennessee Turkeys

By Bow StaffApril 20, 2018

Josh Sturgill got his spring season started off right while bowhunting Tennessee turkeys that were hanging out on a dairy farm in east Tennessee. Here’s the rundown of Josh’s hunt…


The HS Strut Custom Craft Box played the music this bird wanted to hear.

I was bowhunting Tennessee turkeys on an old Dairy farm that always seems to hold turkeys. I had birds gobbling all over the hillside, but they would not commit to coming into the decoys that were down below them in a green field. So I decided to move the blind on the hillside along an old logging road I had seen earlier that morning that the birds seemed to stay on.

A few days later I jumped in that blind. At daybreak, the birds were gobbling all around me. I had three come within 50 yards, gobble, and then head away. I was trying to call them back in with my HS Strut box call when one sounded off right behind me. Then two more started gobbling. The birds slowly eased into my decoy and starting hitting her with his wing. Unfortunately, I had put the decoys too far to the right and could not get a shot.

The birds put on a show for about 5 minutes when another hen opened up on the hill above me. As the toms moved closer to the live hen on the hill, they strutted right through my shooting lane at 20 yards. The shot was perfect and the big gobbler only ran 20 yards. It was a great way to kick off another season of bowhunting Tennessee turkeys!

A big congrats to Sturgill on the first bird of his 2018 turkey season. Be sure to check out the video of this hunt on an upcoming episode of Bowhunt or Die at

bowhunting tennessee turkeys - sturgill-bird

Josh Sturgill with his Tennessee turkey.

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