Bowhunting Kansas Turkeys: Decroo Drops the String

After Justin Zarr killed is Kansas turkey on the morning hunt, the guys made plans to move the Mantis ground blind closer to where the majority of the action was for the afternoon hunt to give Dustin Decroo a better opportunity for success. They moved the blind about 150 yards to where the birds moved through earlier in the day. The setup was a cut bean field with timber on both sides. The guys moved the blind in and got things set up for the evening hunt, before heading to town to fix a flat tire, check in to a hotel and knock out a few other chores before climbing back into the blind for an afternoon of bowhunting Kansas turkeys.

bowhunting kansas turkeys -double-in-kansas

Turkeys on the tailgate!

The guys had been throwing out a few soft calls throughout the afternoon when two big toms, followed by a hen, came on the scene and made their way to the HS Strut decoys. The birds hung up about 30 yards out and didn’t seem interested in coming any closer.

Hunting with the TenPoint Shadow NXT, Dustin figured that was close enough. He picked out the biggest bird and made the shot, killing a giant Kansas turkey with a 11.5″ beard. Dustin was shooting the NAP Spitfire MAXX.

bowhunting kansas turkeys - dustin-decroo-kansas-turkey

Dustin with his giant Kansas gobbler.

Be sure to watch for these hunts coming soon to the spring episodes of the Bowhunt or Die web show.


  1. JOHN RICHEY says:

    Awesome job guys, nothing quite like arrowing a wild turkey. I’m excited about traveling outside of my home state of Michigan someday for an out-of-state turkey hunt.

  2. Matt feister says:

    Great job guys,can’t wait for the new season!Im trying out the Magnus bullhead this year,do a little head shootin!


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