What is a Turkey Snood?

By Bow StaffMarch 19, 2018

The turkey snood is likely one of the most mysterious hood ornaments of any critter on earth. It’s a goofy little thing that most hunters fail to consider any more than a facial feature of the turkey. But why does a snood do what a snood does? It’s the million dollar question when it comes to turkey anatomy, but Keith Beam, of NAP, helps shed some light on the turkey snood and why it’s important.

Snood:  (noun) A fleshy protuberance above a turkey’s bill that may also hang down over the bill.

turkey snood

Have you ever wondered what a turkey snood is for?

Check out the video below for a closer look at the turkey snood…


So there you have it. Knowing how to take a turkey’s temperature via the snood can greatly improve your odds for success by knowing how to handle the situation with calling and making your next move.

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