NAP Mantis Blinds: Does Camo Pattern Size Matter?

Keith Beam, of NAP, recently shared a look at how pattern scale and size effect a camo pattern’s effectiveness at going undetected by wildlife. The new NAP Mantis blinds break away from the norm with a unique camo pattern that’s more than, “just another camo pattern.” The Wicked Intent camo pattern featured on the Mantis blinds is a slick design with features designed to fool the eyes of critters. It’s scaled to a much larger pattern to help it blend in rather than block up.


Keith Beam shares the unique features of the new Mantis Blinds from NAP.

Check out what Keith has to say in the video below…

What is Wicked Intent Camo?

Beamer talks about the Wicked Intent camo pattern that's used on the new Mantis Blinds, the most concealable blinds in the business! #naptime

Posted by New Archery Products on Wednesday, February 28, 2018


What do you think? Will this Wicked Intent camo pattern truly make a difference in concealment? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.


  1. Justin says:

    That technology has been used by predator for years… it’s the same exact concept. Nowhere near new or revolutionary. Pretty sure rhino blinds uses predator patterns. The shape is cool though. I would like to know more about why they chose those shapes in particular?

    • Brodie Swisher Brodie Swisher says:

      The concept in the shape design meets several needs. One, it breaks up the box-like appearance that typically catches an animals eyes. No distinct corners or roof lines mean better concealment. Two, the shape also helps the blind shed rain and snow. No more collapsed blind under the load of pooling rain and snow.

      • Justin says:

        I like the ideas! Should be a great blind. Looks like you would get more height for a bow shot also!

  2. rich valentine says:

    The design is somewhat close to Keiths original Double Bull blinds.I wish I still had one of them. The best blinds ever made.

    • Brodie Swisher Brodie Swisher says:

      I hear you, Rich. I still got the old Double Bull T2 blind. It’s only 11 or 12 pounds. It’s been beaten and abused, but still solid. Great blind.


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