Easton Bow Slicker

By Bow StaffJanuary 17, 2018

Easton has released their new Bow Slicker bow sling. Like other slings on the market, the Bow Slicker is designed to protect your cams, string, and make packing your bow in and out of the woods much easier. However, the Bow Slicker improves on bow sling design with the Bow Slicker’s complete coverage of cams and bowstring. No more mud, sticks, and debris sneaking into your cams, strings, and cables to disrupt your hunt.


The Easton Bow Slicker provides a better fit for greater protection of your bow.

The Bow Slicker is also designed to be cinched down for a snug fit from axle to axle with its patented limb loop design. No more loose and floppy slings that tend to come off en route. This one is solid, protects your gear well, and looks really sharp.

The Bow Slicker also features a small carry pouch that houses the sling when it’s not in use. The Bow Slicker fits compound bows up to 36″ axle to axle and is priced at just $29.99.

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