NAP Snapshot Bowfishing Point

The crew at NAP has released a new bowfishing point with a design that’s sure to make life easier when it comes to removing fish from your arrow. Whether you’re shooting in a tournament, or just fishing for fun, removing fish from your arrow can be a hassle. Many bowfishing points require you to spin the fish point’s tip to flip the barbs over so you can slide fish off the shaft. This can be messy and difficult when things are slimy. It’s also a great way to lose tips when they drop from you hands into the boat or into the water.


The Snapshot introduces a completely new concept in bowfishing points.

The new Snapshot fish point from NAP was designed to rid you of all the hassle when removing fish from your arrow. It has a piston design that allows you to simply bump the point on something hard (boat deck, rock, wood, etc.) and the barbs will flip over allowing you to easily slide your fish off the arrow shaft. You never have to unscrew the point. It’s a great new addition to the bowfishing world. 



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