Swhacker Hybrid Broadhead

By Bow StaffJanuary 12, 2018

The team at Swhacker introduces a nasty new broadhead option for 2018 with their all-new Swhacker Hybrid head. It’s built with what they’re calling their Two-Slice Technology, yielding some of the deadliest wounds you’ll ever have on big game.

Swhacker has long been known for the proven success of their wingblade design, an industry first, which deploys the primary blades internally for maximum damage, better retained momentum, and increased pass-through performance.

But the addition of a 1″ fixed bleeder blade takes the Swhacker to the next level. It provides a 4-blade cut at the point of contact for overwhelming bloodtrails and shorter tracking jobs.


The new Swhacker Hybrid, available in 100 and 125 grains.


You’ll find this slick new broadhead available in two sizes:  100 grain, 1.75” cutting diameter and 125 grain, 2.25” cutting diameter. The Hybrid will be available in both compound and crossbow models for 2018.

Swhacker’s desire on this project was to build the best of both worlds into one deadly head. It was built for the uncompromising bowhunter who appreciates the consistency of a fixed bleeder blade, but demands the proven performance of Swhacker’s two-slice technology. You can now double the cut upon entry and experience complete devastation once expanded.

Be on the lookout for this new broadhead, and the complete Swhacker line at www.swhacker.com.


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