AVYD: World’s First Visual Yardage Designator

I stopped in at the AVYD booth to see what appeared to be some type of rangefinder/bow sight combination attached to several bows in the booth. But upon further investigation I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at. “It’s not a rangefinder!” the rep in the booth told me. I was more intrigued at that moment. “It’s the world’s first visual yardage designator,” he said. It sounded cool, but I still wasn’t really sure what that was. But that would all soon change.


Adam from AVYD gives us a look at the world’s first visual yardage designator.

AVYD was designed to give big game bowhunters total confidence in setting up the perfect shot. The device utilizes a military-style laser designator to combine visual confirmation of the target with precise yardage.


A closer look at the AVYD device.

It sets up nice and fast, less than a minute, so there’s no complicated setup process. AVYD is designed to complement your standard rangefinder and is said to be a great option for low-light conditions.

Shooters will find the AVYD with a price tag around $189.

Check it out at www.getavyd.com.



  1. Jim chouinard says:

    I find it hard to buy this product, because I can’t find a link anywhere on line! Can someone please send me in the rite direction where I can purchase one of these?

  2. Jim chouinard says:

    Does this also work on crossbows?


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