New Scent Dispenser Options from Tink’s

By Bow StaffJanuary 11, 2018


There’s some really cool new scent dispensing products being released this year from the folks at Tink’s. Tink’s has long been known as the go-to deer scent for hunters across the country. They’ve also established themselves as the authority on scent dispersal. They continue to change the game each year with new and better ways to more effectively draw bucks to a scrape or stand site. This year is no different as they release several really slick scent dispensing products.


The first is the new Dial-a-Dripper. Revolutionary in its simplicity, yet incredibly effective, the new Tink’s Dial-A-Dripper screws directly on to any Tink’s scent bottle. “Dial” in the number of days to drip, and get ready to hunt.

Choose from a combo kit including the Dial-A-Dripper, a neoprene hanger and two bottles of Tink’s 4-ounce Power Scrape Starter or get the Dial-A-Dripper unit and neoprene bag only.


Scent Reel

Scent Reel & Scent Sponges

The new Tink’s Scent Reel holds 1-ounce of your favorite Tink’s lure. When ready to hunt, simply lift the wick cap to unreel 10” of lure-soaked wick, and hang. After the hunt, simply wind the wick back on the reel.

Another exciting wick solution are the new Tink’s Scent Sponges, expanding up to three times their size for maximum soaking. Slip the sponge into a scent bottle, soak and hang on a branch, it’s that easy.

E-Scent Dispenser

It was only a matter of time before someone realized that vaping wasn’t just a great way to kick the smoking habit.


Tink’s E-Scent

Vaping works equally well for sending your favorite deer lure downwind fast and effectively. Tink’s has just launched their new E-Scent dispenser with vape technology.

The E-Scent dispenser emits up to a remarkable 400 “puffs” of enticing Tink’s scent per cartridge. An included USB charger keeps the battery topped off, while a lanyard makes sure it’s always at the ready. Tink’s E-Scent comes with a synthetic #69 Doe-In-Rut scent cartridge. Additional cartridges in synthetic #1 Doe-P, synthetic Trophy Buck and synthetic #69 Doe-In-Rut scents will be available in two-packs with a handy carry case.

See the complete line of products from Tink’s at

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