Jim & Eva Shockey Talk Bowhunting with Bowtech

Aside from all the great gear we encounter each year at the ATA show, there’s also ample opportunities to see and hear from some of our favorite folks in the hunting industry. And few people hold the industry’s admiration like Jim Shockey and his daughter, Eva. These two are class acts. They are good for hunting as they are constantly preaching the goodness of why we as hunters do what we do.

The Shockeys were camped out at the Bowtech booth on Day 1 of the ATA show to talk bows and bowhunting with the Bowtech crew. Be sure to check out Bowtech’s Facebook page for all the updates with the Shockeys and other popular hunters that’ll be stopping by throughout the 2018 ATA show.



Jim and Eva Shockey at the Bowtech booth at the 2018 ATA show.


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