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ScentLok has unveiled a variety of exciting new products and garments at this year’s ATA show. In fact, they’re calling it a comprehensive suite of Complete Odor Management products designed to help you go undetected in the deer woods for the 2018 season. These products were built using the best available technologies to control more odors and control them better than ever before – giving hunters an expanded advantage against a whitetail’s nose from the home to the vehicle to the field and back again, hunt after hunt.

OZ by ScentLok

One of the slick new products from ScentLok being introduced at this year’s ATA show includes the new OZ. The OZ by ScentLok are premium pre- and post-hunt ozone accessories combining the very latest ozone-generating technology with smart ScentLok design. Engineered to reactivate activated carbon garments while deodorizing other gear and accessories carried into the field, new OZ products keep the environments around hunters – and their gear – as odor-free as possible.

There’s a variety of new options when it comes to using the OZ, with products such as their OZ20 Vehicle Deodorizer, OZ20B Portable Deodorizer, OZ100 Small Room Deodorizer, OZ500 Large Room Deodorizer, OZ Chamber 8K Storage Bag and OZ Hardline Storage Tote. These tools are truly designed to keep you covered, both at home and in the field.


ScentLok OZ is designed to keep your gear scent free, before, during, and after your hunt.

ScentLok BaseSlayers AMP

What is the new BaseSlayers AMP? AMP stands for “Active Mapping Performance.” Featuring a triple-threat of odor-controlling technologies in the precise areas they’re needed, BaseSlayers AMP Lightweight, Midweight and Heavyweight layering garments combat odor like no others while ensuring maximum comfort and mobility.


ScentLok BaseSlayers AMP

Proven Carbon Alloy technology forms the foundation of BaseSlayers AMP’s advanced odor-adsorbing capability. Next, Fusix  – a printed coating of engineered carbon fused directly onto the fabric for an additional layer of permanent odor protection – is positioned in low-odor areas to provide increased protection while affording maximum mobility.

Finally, Caron Alloy Fusix – that’s Fusix combined with Carbon Alloy for even more complete odor control – is positioned in hot spots like underarms and crotch areas to combat extreme odor production. Put simply, BaseSlayers AMP is the most advanced family of high performance odor-adsorbing layering garments available today. BaseSlayers AMP Lightweight, Midweight and Heavyweight garments are available in today’s top camo patterns in mens’ sizes small through 3XL.


Early Season Savanna Reign Jacket and Pant

Built around ScentLok’s top-performing Carbon Alloy TM technology,the new ScentLok Savanna Reign Jacket and Pant for men combine activated carbon with zeolite and treated carbon to help adsorb a larger spectrum of odors while targeting specific odors better than ever before.

Unlike temporary DWR treatments that wash out quickly, NeverWet — a super-hydrophobic treatment developed in partnership with Rust-Oleum— provides premium protection from precipitation with a permanent fabric treatment that sheds massive amounts of rain, mud and other liquids hunt after hunt, allowing early-season hunters to remain dry and comfortable. Best of all, NeverWet won’t sacrifice stealth for dryness, keeping bow hunters protected without the use of stiff and noisy membranes so they can stalk, climb and draw their bows in total silence.


Revenant Jacket and Pant

All-new ScentLok late-season Revenant apparel for men is built around top-performing Carbon AlloyTM technology, combining activated carbon with zeolite and treated carbon to help adsorb a larger spectrum of odors while targeting specific odors better than ever before.


ScentLok Revenant Jacket

Unlocking maximum protection from freezing temperatures, Revenant repels cold winds, ice and snow with a high-tech arsenal of comfort-boosting features.

Its hexagon-patterned fleece and tricot exterior is ultra-quiet, delivering maximum warmth without bulk, while a powerful DWR treatment sheds external moisture. Long-nap fleece and generous levels of ThinsulateTM insulation combine to retain precious body heat. A powerful internal membrane further conspires to defy heat-robbing winds, while a wicking-treated lining assures well-regulated moisture management.

Available in Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and True Timber Kanati, ScentLok Revenant is simply the most comfortable and advanced odor-adsorbing apparel a late-season hunter can wear.

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