Dead Down Wind Laundry Bombs

By Bow StaffJanuary 11, 20182 Comments

Dead Down Wind has gained quite a reputation over the last decade as a leader in the development of scent control products designed to aid hunters in 3 key areas of hunt preparation – their laundry, personal hygiene, and field application.

They’re adding to their laundry lineup this year with the release of their new Laundry Bombs product.


Dead Down Wind Laundry Bombs


The product eliminates the hassle and mess of the laundry chores. Laundry Bombs are a new, easy-to-use, water soluble multi-chamber pack that consists of Dead Down Wind’s proven enzyme-based detergent, now with 50% more enzymes.

Place a Dead Down Wind Laundry Bomb into the washing machine drum before adding hunting garments to remove stains and odors.

Laundry Bombs are effective on natural, technical, synthetic or carbon garments, including sleeping bags. Use a single bomb for small or medium loads, two bombs for a large load and three bombs for extra large loads.

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