Bowhunting Whitetails in NC Leads to Medusa friend, Chris Carter, of Raleigh, North Carolina recently fulfilled a handful of bowhunting dreams all in one hunt. Last month, Carter killed what has become known in his neck of the woods as the, “Medusa Buck.” Carter killed the buck with his Mathews bow while sitting over an area with freshly fallen acorns.


Chris Carter with his buck, Medusa.

“This is my family’s land that I’ve been hunting on for more than 10 years,” said Carter. “We’ve kept watch on the land with trail cameras, and have also talked closely with neighboring property owners and hunters, and none of us had ever seen this deer either in person or in trail camera photos.”

Carter admits running a little behind the day he climbed into the stand for the hunt. He knew deer typically arrive fairly early in the spot he was hunting, so he was concerned that he may had blown it. But at 7:45am he got his first glimpse of the crazy looking buck.

Several other deer came on the scene and actually began to bump the cactus-looking buck towards Carter’s stand. Carter knew the deer had some crazy stuff going on with his antlers, but just assumed he was shedding his velvet. He had no idea just how unique the deer truly was.

At 24 yards, the deer presented a perfect broadside shot. Carter dropped the string and the buck only ran 30 yards before going down. It wasn’t until he walked up on the dead buck that Carter realized what he had done.


Here’s a look at what Carter walked up to following his shot.

“I’d always wanted to kill a non-typical buck, I’d always wanted to kill a buck in velvet, and I’d always wanted to do both of those with a bow. I was able to do all of that with this one deer,” said Carter.

A big congrats to Chris Carter on his buck of a lifetime!


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