Richardson Boats in for Bowhunting Indiana Bucks

By Bow StaffNovember 19, 2017

Our Indiana BHOD prostaffer, Dan Richardson, punched his buck tag this past week following a pretty slick approach to get in on the backside of the property he’d been hunting. Here’s Dan’s story…


Dan’s rig for going in stealthy.

One of my favorite stands is pretty far in and getting to it was a long walk. Also, where I️ had to start my walk was on the food side of the property. I️ had a feeling I️ had been bumping deer on the way in over the years, so I took a look at the property on Google Maps. The map showed a water route that went all the way in to where I needed to be, so I rigged up a small, 2-man bass boat and made plans for a stealthy approach.

I️ docked the boat at the base of a very steep 70’ hill that I would have to climb. The hill was nearly impossible to climb without a rope from top to bottom. I️ only hunted the stand a couple days at a time so as not to over hunt it.

On November 13th, I️ had several does come through around 8:00am.

At 9:30am a buck came out of nowhere. I️ barely had time to get my camera rolling and release clipped on the bowstring. At 18 yards, he quartered away and I️ made a money shot. One hundred yards later, and in some very rugged terrain, I️ claimed my prize.


All the hard work paid off for Dan when he slipped in by boat to kill this big Indiana buck.


The rewarding ride out.

I️ was amazed how old, heavy and massive he looked. After celebrating I️ began the seemingly impossible task of getting him out on my own.

It took me several hours but I️ managed to get him back to the steep hillside. I️ used the rope I️ climbed up with to lower him back down to the boat. I was blessed as I made the boat ride back out.

A big congrats to Dan on his great Indiana buck with tons of character.

Be watching for this hunt on an upcoming episode of Bowhunt or Die right here at

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