2018 PSE Thrive 400 Crossbow

PSE Archery is proud to announce the 2018 introduction of the all-new Thrive 400.

“The PSE Thrive 400 takes the Thrive crossbow platform to the next level,” said Blake Shelby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PSE Archery. “The bow is engineered with reverse cam technology to shoot at a sizzling 400 FPS in speed to deliver unbelievable performance.”


2018 PSE Thrive 400

The Thrive 400 is also enhanced with an upgraded accessory package to equip archers with everything they need to get the job done.

THE THRIVE 400 PACKAGE INCLUDES: • 5- Bolt Quiver • 4- 22″ Carbon Thunder Bolts With 100 GR Bullet Points • 1- 22″ Discharge Bolt • String Stops • 4X32 Illuminated Multi-Reticle Scope • Limb Bands • Cocking Rope • Rubber Coated, Folding Foot Stirrup • Rail Lube • Soft Touch Grip & Cheek Rest

The Thrive 400 Crossbow will be available for purchase in February 2018 – $599.99.

For more information about PSE and the Thrive 400 Crossbow, visit www.pse-archery.com.


  1. jay robbins says:

    The bow is great. I do however have an issue with the folding stirrup. It has a discernible click when you extend or fold it. This click will no doubt be an issue when deer hunting. Why should there be any click at all if it doesn’t lock in either position? Lastly….about 50% of the time the hooks on the cocking rope pop over the side of the rail when cocking. This has marred the rail and required me to sand the dings/scratches so it doesn’t damage the string. I have a sneaking suspicion this cocking issue may be related to the stirrup not being locked during the cocking motion. thanks

    • Brodie Swisher Brodie Swisher says:

      Good input, Jay. Thanks!

  2. jeff watts says:

    Is this bow accurate at 100yrds as i am looking at two other bows that are very dead on at 100yrds but cost 3 time more than your bow. This bow will be used for deer hunting in some very open areas

  3. I have the same issue, cocking hooks slip onto the top of the raid, causing rail damage. Sanded mine to smooth out the damage. I changed cocking ropes and irs much better. PSEs cocker has large metal rivets on the top and bottom so when it slips, the rivets damage the rail. The other rope I have has internal roll pins that are recessed into the plastic. No marring.

  4. Thanks for heads up on changing cocking ropes. I cranked the screws on the stirrup as tight as possible to prevent the stirrup from folding while cocking. This has reduced the percentage of times the hooks have popped over the rail. I really didn’t see much benefit to the folding stirrup anyway. I’ll also get a new rope to prevent marring. thanks

  5. PAxbowhunter says:

    i have the same issue. i think it has to do with the longer power stroke on this 400 vs last years 365

    ive purchased one of these and it seems to help: link to parkerbows.com

    it also helps if you kind of lean back when cocking this bow bc i had issues with it as well. i almost didnt buy it for this reason.

    i can say with the arrows provided i shot an arrow in the center at 20-30-40 on the first 3 shots after sighting in at 20. bow is fast and dead on at those distances. i have not tried any further simply bc 40 is as far as i can shoot in my yard and same goes for at an animal


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