Best Way to Haul a Deer With a Car? [VIDEO]

Okay, so maybe this isn’t actually the best way to haul a deer with a car. In fact, it actually may be a great way to get somebody – or something – seriously maimed, cut, or killed. But, I have to give props to the one willing to swallow his pride and do what had to be done to get his meat to the house.


You do what you gotta do to haul meat to the house.

Check out the video below of this Neon going down the road with a buck hanging from the back. Extra points for the light bar mounted up front. This is definitely not their first time putting the old Neon to work on whitetail deer.

Seen this on 63 today.

Posted by Catlin Auberlin on Sunday, November 12, 2017


  1. Big lake Angler says:

    My son and I were up north of Green Bay about 25 yrs ago for gun season and had to use our Dodge Omni (024) cause the pickup broke down the night before we were to leave, so off we went with all our gear in this little car and wouldn’t you know it we had to come home with two large bucks one 8pt that was dressed at 243 lbs and the other just under 190 lbs and we had to use our ladder stand secured to the Omni then both deer stretched out and secured to the ladder stand they were almost the length of the Omni and the whole trip home almost 300 miles we got horns and thumbs up and conversations when we stopped to fuel, I’m sorry to say we didn’t get any pictures, all in all it was a great trip.

  2. Austin vaughn says:

    This is me and my dad😂 i have pics to prove


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