The Sloth Is Dead

By Bow StaffNovember 12, 2017

BHOD prostaffer, Neal McCullough, has had his eye on a unique buck on his property this season. It’s a buck named, Sloth. Neal shares the story of how the Sloth finally met his match.


Stealth Cam shot of the Sloth.

On November 7th, we were up at 3am and drove to the farm to get in early. It was the same spot I shot my buck last year. It’s basically 65 acres of steep bluff, with a huge CRP field on top. It’s a perfect morning cruising area for the rut. We were tucked in to the stand with the perfect wind. We didn’t have much action early, but at 7:30 we look up and Sloth is coming on the upwind side, straight at us. The wind was perfect and he was working right down the trail at us. He was moving super slow, eating, making rubs and messing with a scrape at about 30 yards. I had the GoPro running and captured some great footage of him coming in. He got within ten yards quartering towards me and I decided to take the shot. But, I took a shot I shouldn’t have. I got over zealous. The biggest lesson for me is, no deer is worth taking a shot like that. Give him 10 seconds and he probably gives me the dream shot broadside…or he gets away and I hunt another day.


Neal with his big-bodied, goofball buck named, Sloth.

So he ran about 20 yards and stopped. I quickly nocked another arrow and tried to get one more shot, but missed and he slowly walked over the hill. At this point I was pretty disappointed with the choice I’d made. But we checked the arrow and found red blood with bubbles, and a fair amount of red blood where he stood.  So we backed out and waited 7+ hours before taking up the trail again. After a short track job we found him in a bed about 40 yards from where we last saw him. After gutting him I discovered I had shot both lungs, liver and stomach. Not ideal, but he definitely died pretty quickly.  
The neighbor sent me pictures of the buck from 2013-2017, so he’s likely a 5-year-old. I’m guessing he was hit by a car as a young buck. His back left leg was messed up which caused his goofy-looking rack. I don’t really know how to score him, but I’ll give it a try this weekend. He probably won’t be much over 100 but he is definitely a cool looking buck.
A big congrats to Neal for closing out the story on the Sloth. Well done!
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