Bell Strikes Again Bowhunting Ohio Whitetails

By Bow StaffNovember 9, 2017
The Florida boy, Daryl Bell, struck again recently while bowhunting deer in Ohio. Daryl killed a buck in Kentucky just days before, then traveled north to Ohio where he punched the final tag of his deer hunting road trip. He shares a recap of the hunt here…
It was a miserable two days, to say the least. Highs were in the low to mid 40’s and it rained for 75% of both days. The weather finally broke around 4:30 on Tuesday evening. I hadn’t seen the first deer on either all day sit the previous days. The farm I was hunting is a great funnel, and it’s surrounded by standing corn, so I knew it’d be a hot spot when the rut finally kicked in.
That evening, I actually called an 8 pointer out of the corn and passed him at 35 yards. I was regretting passing him, and I’m still not sure if it’s the one I ended up shooting, but I waited about 15 minutes and and then grunted, followed by a doe bleat sequence. A moment later, a buck from the other side of the creek was coming on a dead run. He stopped at 24 yards and was looking for the source of the call when I shot him. I had my HHA bow sight dialed to 30 and I guess I didn’t aim low enough, because it hit him high and dropped him on the spot. I followed it up with a second shot that punched his heart and finished him off.

This is the second buck for Daryl in the last week.

He ended up scoring 126 and weighed 240 pounds. I’m done in the midwest, so it’s time to go chase some southern deer. I’m halfway to my goal of harvesting a deer in 4 different states this season.
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