2018 Hoyt Carbon RX-1

Hoyt believes that not all bowhunters are created equal. Therefore, not all bows are created equal either.

Hoyt’s all-new 2018 REDWRX Carbon RX-1 Series is engineered for those bowhunters who demand everything. They are built to perform and survive in the most extreme conditions imaginable. The concept allows you to pick the configuration best for you and put it to the test.


The RX-1 was built to raise the bar when it comes to rugged hunting bows.

Check out this video for a closer look at the new Hoyt Rx-1…


Hoyt says that they engineer more than just bows; they engineer form. “Reaching” your head forward to your peep is more than just uncomfortable, it’s inconsistent. Hoyt engineered the ZT Hyper Cam Systems to promote comfortable, strain-free posture at full draw by increasing the distance between their cams at full draw. This broader cam-to-cam distance at full draw creates an ideal “flatter” string angle and brings the peep to you. These innovations allow a more relaxed, strain-free posture at full draw, and reduce facial contact, string pressure, and eye fatigue at anchor. The days of “reaching” are over; your days of tight, consistent groups have arrived.




Axle-to-Axle – 32″

Draw Weight – 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70-80

Draw Length – 24.5-28″, 27-30″, 29-31″

Brace Height – 6″

Speed – 340 fps

Weight – 3.9lbs


See more on the complete RX-1 Series of bows at www.hoyt.com.

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