Place of Peace Film: Bowhunting Helps Veteran Battle PTSD

By Bow StaffNovember 8, 20174 Comments

There’s been a lot of good hunting films produced over the years with content designed to stir the heart. There’s even been a handful of hunting related films and videos produced that’ll move you to the point of seeing life from a different perspective. The latest film from Sitka, Place of Peace, is one such project. It sheds light on one man’s journey following his time serving our country. We tend to pray for and support our troops that are currently serving in the military, but often fail to remember our veterans that continue to battle indescribable struggles here at home. The Place of Peace film shares how one veteran uses bowhunting as a means of helping cope with PTSD.


Therapy comes in all forms.

After 20 years on the front lines that left multiple gunshot and shrapnel wounds across his body, Master Sergeant Farmer reached a breaking point. While trying to rebuild his life, he rediscovered a gift from a friend that led him down an unexpected path to healing.

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