Bell Scores While Bowhunting Kentucky Whitetails

By Bow StaffNovember 3, 2017
BHOD prostaffer, Daryl Bell, scored this past weekend while bowhunting in Kentucky. Daryl shares a quick recap of his hunt here.
It rained from Friday afternoon until 3am Saturday morning. The temperature was 55 degrees when it started raining and it dropped to 32 by the time the sun came up Saturday morning. I hunted the same stand Friday morning and didn’t see the first deer. I was considering making a move, but right before I climbed down Friday morning, I noticed a fresh rub only 30 yards from my stand. So I decided to stick it out the next day.
About 8:30 Saturday morning, I spotted a doe working her way down the hill into the finger of woods that runs through the middle of the property. She had her tail up and kept looking behind her, so I was pretty sure a buck was in tow. Sure enough, I spotted antlers coming through the timber. The first buck was the one I ultimately ended up shooting. I never got a trail camera picture of him before that day (he passed the camera 2 minutes before I shot him). However, I did recognize the buck that was following him. It was a decent, 2-year-old 8 pointer. After comparing the first buck to the deer I recognized, I decided that if he offered me a shot, I would take it.
He ended up funneling in front of me at 17 yards and somehow I botched the shot. I hit him far back and high. At the downward angle, I was confident I got liver and possibly guts. So I backed out for 7 hours before going back to pick up the blood trail. I only followed the blood about 30 yards before I spotted him in a bed. It turns out that he had died in his first bed.

Daryl’s first buck on a new lease in Kentucky.

It’s not a giant by any means, but it’s my first Kentucky buck and my first buck for the show. The footage was great despite the shot. Good luck to everyone in the upcoming weeks. I’m headed to Ohio this coming weekend for 7 days, so hopefully I can punch another tag. BHOD!
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