Wild Game VS. Store Bought Meat – Which is healthier?

One of the greatest arguments we have as hunters is our insatiable desire to feed our families with wild game meat. We love to hunt, but we also love the coolers full of meat it will provide all year long. But how does wild game meat compare to store bought meat? Which one is better in taste? Well, that would obviously be a matter of opinion.

But which one is healthier? That can actually be backed up with some numbers.

Here’s a look at a nutrition guide provided by the good folks at Remington. Give it a look and see how your favorite wild game stacks up when compared to store bought meat.


Which is your favorite wild game meat?

Comment below and let us know which is your favorite. Good luck in filling the freezer this season.


  1. Brian Hupp says:

    Can’t think of anything better than a venison roast…… Well maybe venison stew……no, I know, venison tenderloin dipped in cream sause

  2. I think that this is pretty limited. Where is the info on growth hormones? The antibiotics? The nutrition levels beyond macros? What is to be said about the quality of food that farm raised animals are fed, the nutritional value (all industrial processed food) versus what animals eat in the wild where there is a great variety of living foods? And what about the state of mind of an animal which is meant to roam freely every day but is locked in a cage with nothing to do but stuff its face, does that affect the quality of the body (ie the meat)?

  3. Charles Conley says:

    You know it is wrong for us to try to kill our own food to grow our own vegetables or in any way shape or form take money out of the pockets of the large corporation owners. How could you possibly think it’s okay to do something healthier for yourself less expensive and better tasting when you’re going to really cut the bottom line out of a rich man’s continual string of income. Just saying

  4. They do not show anything for rabbit. Rabbit is pretty much. Natures perfect food


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