2018 Bear Archery Kuma Compound Bow

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While the fall season means bowhunters are returning to the woods in an effort to punch their deer tags, it also brings a look at some of the 2018 bows being released as we ramp up to the new year.  Bear Archery is one of the first manufacturers to release their flagship compound bow to headline the 2018 lineup.


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The Kuma is included in Bear’s new Legend Series, an exclusive dealer-only line of four ultra-competitive compound bows, and will be offered at a retail price of $899.99. Featuring the new H18 hybird cam system, the Kuma launches arrows at 345 feet per second and features a smooth draw and a high-level of forgiveness.

“The Kuma offers both high-speed and shootability in one amazing package,” says Dave Parker, Archery General Manager. “Shootability means having a smooth draw cycle, a solid back wall, and no hand shock upon release.”

Featuring the Bear Cage machining technique, the rigid 1″ thick forged riser has been strategically “hollowed out” to lighten the load – yet still prevents side to side flex increasing accuracy.

2018 Bear Kuma Specs

  • Speed, 345 fps
  • Weight, 4 lbs
  • Brace Height, 6 iches
  • Axle-to-Axle Length, 33″
  • Let-Off, 75%
  • Draw Weight, 55-70 lbs
  • Draw Length, 25.5″-30″
  • Available finishes, Badlands Approach & Iron

2018 Bear Kuma bow

The bow has a Roller HingeGuard System to reduce lateral torque and friction, and Max Preload Quad Limbs designed to evenly distribute load across the entire limb system for maximum strength at key points of stress during and after the release.  The Kuma also offers the newly-designed, sleeker, low-profile SonicStops string recoil suppressors and the ShockWaves limb dampening system to reduce vibration and noise.

Included with the Kuma is both the overmold grip and a narrow grip so shooters can customize the fit to what they like.

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