Decroo & Son Bowhunting Wyoming Whitetail

By Bow StaffSeptember 19, 2017

BHOD prostaffer, Dustin Decroo, checked in this morning sharing the story of how he had experienced the most meaningful hunt of his life yesterday with his 4-year-old son, Weston. Here’s how things went down…

Yesterday, my wife, Jen, was pushing me to take our son, Weston, hunting. He’s been asking to go sit in a blind, and I’ve wanted to take him out, but we’ve been so busy guiding clients, I just hadn’t had time.  With a couple of rifle antelope hunters tagging out early, we finally had a day to make it happen.  Jen got all of Weston’s stuff together while I charged a couple of camera batteries during his nap.

We headed out around 4pm to sit in a hay bale blind we had put out on an earlier hunt. I knew we would see deer and was hoping to maybe get a crack at a doe.  From the time we got into the blind we were surrounded by deer.  I’d tell Weston where they were and he’d stick his face out the blind window, scaring the deer off.  I learned quickly that trying to self film a bowhunt with a 4-year-old in the blind is next to impossible.  We saw a ton of deer, ate lots of really loud snacks, played a train game on the iPad at full volume, and screamed at bugs. Basically all the stuff that should keep anyone from killing any deer, let alone a big buck.

Around 6:45pm, while Weston was playing his iPad with the headphones on, I caught a glimpse of a buck.  It turned out to be the first of a 5-buck bachelor group.  As usual, they kept getting bigger as they passed through the window.  Finally, a big mature deer passed through the first window.  I set the camera in place and grabbed my bow. Weston was still engrossed in his game. I stopped the buck as he fed through the frame in my camera and let the arrow fly. The shot took out the buck’s lungs and he went just 40 yards.


Making memories for life. Bowhunt or Die!

Weston was elated, as was I.  He’s the highest scoring deer I’ve killed in Wyoming and to have the little guy with me made it my favorite hunt yet.  I have to thank Jen for making me go and sacrificing her own hunt so that Weston could go.  The deer has great mass and scored 147 2/8.

Be watching for this hunt on an upcoming episode of Bowhunt or Die.

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