Bowhunting Deer in Wyoming

By Bow StaffSeptember 12, 20172 Comments

BHOD prostaffer, Josh Sturgill, made the trip back out to Wyoming this year to hunt with Dustin Decroo of Big Horn Outfitters. He had his eye on some of the big mule deer bucks hanging out on the properties they had access to, but after a few unsuccessful stalks, they decided to switch things up and sit over an alfalfa field where a number of good whitetail bucks had been hanging out.

“I had a ton of does and a decent 8-pointer come by that I passed on,” says Sturgill. “Then I had a 10-point shooter come out at 26 yards and I shot him. He ran just 50 yards and dropped in a thicket along the river. It was another great time with Dustin.”


A big congrats to Josh on getting his season started off right with this beautiful buck in Wyoming.


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