How To Properly Use A LifeLine

Treestand lifelines are nothing new and to be honest, they’re nothing fancy.  Quite simply they are a length of rope that attaches above your treestand and uses a separate piece of rope tied in a prusik knot which slides up and down to allow hunters to remain safely attached to their tree from the moment they leave the ground until they return down after the hunt is over.  In spite of their wide availability, low cost and ease of use there are still far too many hunters not using them at all, and many using them improperly.

In the following video we address the proper height at which to install your LifeLine, the question of whether or not you need a 2nd tree strap to use during your hunt, and how to safely move your prusik knot while climbing and descending from your tree.


  1. Charles W Pomerenke says:

    Last night I got that call nobody ever wants to get. A Freind called to tell me one of his buddies who I have hunted with several times, fell from a tree while trying to remove a stand. He did not make it. He was NOT wearing any safety restraints at all.

    PLEASE, use your safety gear EVERYTIME!


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